Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rhetorical Triangle Makeup ad

This is an old ad for lipstick from the 1950's. I believe it primarily appeals to pathos or the emotions of the audience. The target audience is women, because they are trying to persuade them to buy the lipstick. By saying that a man will find you more attractive if you wear this lipstick, a woman's emotions are targeted. They may feel like they should go buy the lipstick in order to attract men because of the message in the ad. The ad also uses Ethos but in a less direct way. By saying it is "fashion's magnetic new color," the reader feels like the speaker is an authority on fashion. They may be even futher convinced of buying the lipstick because they want to be hip and stylish. I think that the message in the ad, is primarily to use the lipstick to find love. I think it is very effective in the time frame that it was created. It may not be as effective today, but it targets the women of the 1950's and their mode of fashion very well.


  1. The fact that the ad is done by Max Factor is another appeal to ethos. I wonder, too, why do you believe the ad wouldn't be as effective today? What makes you say that?

  2. I agree with what you are saying about this ad. I feel as though it appeals to the audience by displaying how beautiful women use this lipstick, thus by using this lipstick you will become beautiful.

  3. Well, the reason why I think this would not be as effective today is because of the wording of the poster. I just find the phrases "you smooth it on and suddenly love is just a kiss away," and "fresh new color plucked from the garden..." really cheesy and outdated. Today's adds usually only contain a quick and memorable catch phrase. Less wordy and strictly to the point.