Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Response to "How to say nothing in 500 words."

This essay by Roberts was extremely useful and relevent despite the year it was written. Several of the points made about different writing mistakes often made by freshman in college did remind me of some things I commonly do. I find that I do try to 'pad' my papers, especially when there is a word limit, by adding longer phrases in order to make one point. Instead, Roberts reminds me to just get to the point and not dance around it too much. I also find that sometimes I go with the obvious choice in opinion papers. Instead of thinking about an interesting, and not often used topic, I opt to go for the easiest and fastest option. Before reading this essay, I knew somewhat that I made these mistakes in some of my papers; but I didn't know exactly how to correct the mistakes. I think after reading this, I have some pretty good ideas about how to improve my writing.


  1. I'm glad some parts of the essay struck a chord with you. Remember, though, that blog posts need to be at least 500 words long.

  2. Now that Robert's helped you learn how to extend your sentences, use his helpful hints. You made some great points in your blog but like Ms. Clark said it wasn't long enough. If you want to keep the same points and not ad any more than just rephrase your sentences to make them longer and stronger. Just remember not to exhaust the subject when you do this like I often do!

  3. Thank you guys for the reminder about the length. I did forget that part last week. I tried to do a little better with elaboration with my blogs this week!