Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Propaganda Blog Post

The most obvious and impacting change there has been in propaganda since WWII is the means by which is it spread. The main means of spreading information or asserting opinions during WWII was by posters. Today, the main means of spreading propaganda, I think, is through online newspaper articles, actual newspaper articles, and of course, T.V. Through these main means of communication, a larger and more diverse audience is reached in our world today. Almost everyone has a computer and email/internet access. If not purposely seeking out news events or political opinions, someone can still be confronted with news articles through their email account. Before even logging in to most accounts, there are recent updates and posts  about current issues. Being online, it is almost unavoidable to not be overwhelmed by news headlines.
If someone does not have email access, there are still newspapers and T.V. shows that are constantly competing with one another for the minds of the American people. They fight for the peoples' opinions and approval; to agree with their point of view instead of others. There is a demand for current news and knowledge of world events unlike there ever was during WWII.
The message the Government and other companies are sending to the American people today, (especially concerning the BP oil spill) is to blame the someone else for the occurring problems. We continually see the blame game played back and forward between BP and the Government. As more and more facts are becoming known still, months after the actual spill, Americans are having to decide for themselves who is to blame. But one thing is for sure, the Government and BP both have kept some things from the public and media purposely.
I think that Americans fear terrorists most of all right now. Attacks and threats are shown in the media very often keeping us constantly aware as a country that we could still be vulnerable.

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