Monday, October 4, 2010

Stereotypical News Article Post

When reading this article, I noticed the format was almost identical to the public article I am using for my paper. Basically, the order in which he says articles present information is exactly how my article is organized. The journalist presents the main idea of the information, adds quotes from various sources, and briefly elaborates while adding an image relating to the research topic.
When it comes to the tone of Robbins' article, he is very sarcastic and knowledgeable about scientific news articles. He assumes that his audience will get his puns and sarcasm without explaining the ideas or motives behind them. Based on that fact, I think you can assume that Robbins is targeting an audience who is well versed on scientific articles and research. Only individuals who regularly read scientific articles in magazines, newspapers, ext. could understand the humor Robbins uses. Also, the citing and quoting used in Robbins article is not serious whatsoever, therefore targeting those in his audience with a good sense of sarcasm and humor.
Robbins article made me see several key differences in not only the wording, but also the organization of my scholarly article and public article. The most obvious is how simple and short the paragraphs are in my public article as opposed to the scholarly one. The scholarly one is all in one paragraph, which means it is shorter than the public one, but a lot more information is presented at one time. The shorter paragraphs appeal more to a general public audience because it appeals shorter and easier to read. The long, joined paragraph appeals more so to the academic community because the information is all presented in one place. These kind of organizational differences all come together to target the audience intended.


  1. Good post! Robbins made me see a lot of the characteristics in my article as well! Its funny how general public audiences don't like long paragraphs, a lot of people just don't have the attention span for it.

  2. I agree with what you say how Robbins article makes us look at articles in a different light. Great post!