Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Online Interaction Post

Honestly I do not feel like the blog posts are really extending much communication past the classroom. I read and comment on other people's blog posts, but not frequently and extensively enough to really communicate with classmates that seriously. I do not receive many comments or conversations relating to my blog posts either, which makes me think that some of my classmates are in the same boat. However, when we do meet in person, I feel like there is a lot of meaningful and helpful conversation. I think our class really helps each other out in person, but online it's just harder to effectively communicate about various things.
When I do receive comments on blog posts, they do not start good discussions very often. Most of the time they are in agreement with what I have said or words of encouragement. Don't get me wrong, I really like getting those, it just doesn't really start a discussion. When I am commenting on other people's posts, I do the same thing and just point out the ways in which I agree with them. Considering the various topics we have to make blog posts about, I feel like it is difficult to really start a meaningful discussion. If I were to pick between the blog posts and the discussion forums, I would say that the forums provoke more in-depth conversations. The blog posts are ok, but just a little harder to comment on.
I guess what I would change about the blog interactions to make them more effective, is when commenting to ask questions to one another instead of just saying "I like this.." I need to change my reactions as well when commenting. Maybe asking questions about posts would at least encourage a further discussion.

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  1. Yeah, I totally understand what you're saying, but it's so hard to disagree with some of our classmates, because one, we don't want to start a "fight" and two, we're all around the same age so we all have a similar way of thinking. But I'm glad that you pointed this problem out because I saw it but didn't it was that big of a deal until I noticed someone else feels the dame way. And don't worry, my blogs don't get commented on that much too. The way I comment on people is by going through the blog post link provided on moodle and go down the list to all of my classmate's blogs and try to take turns commenting on each of their blogs.