Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self Critique

As far as blogging goes this semester, I think I did an ok job. I had a lot to say about certain prompts and not so much to say about others. The blogs that I wrote significantly more about and went further in depth to were often the ones that had interesting and thought provoking prompts that allowed me to elaborate. Some other prompts I felt like there was no way I could write 500 words on, so I fell short.

The blogs that I felt like I did well on were the Gender and Bathrooms post, Preliminary thoughts post, and the Challenging media post. These prompts really engaged me and gave me a lot to consider when writing. Plus, both the challenging media and gender and bathrooms prompts provided another source such as a video to accompany the explanation. I found these other sources very helpful and they helped me be able to go in depth in my response.

The blogs that I felt like I did not do well on was the discussion forum post and others like it that simply asked you to say what you thought about the forum. I provided my thoughts but beyond that there was not much more I could provide. I just felt like the prompt was not sufficient enough for 500 words, so those posts were significantly shorter than the rest.

What I have learned as a writer and blogger this semester is how to address a broad audience such as what you find online. You have no idea who is going to read your post, so I think that enabled me to stretch my writing in order to be appealing to various types of people. My relationship with writing publically has changed, just in the way I support and defend my arguments in all my papers. Because I now know that many people are not persuaded simply by an argument, but by sources and evidence. Having such a broad audience has caused me to try to strengthen arguments I give.

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