Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discussion Forum Post

I think that the discussion forum was helpful in cetain ways. I think that reading other people's comments was helpful and gave me a different perspective. I did not participate as much as I wanted. I had a lot of work that day during the forum so all I managed to get done was my posts. I did not comment on others' posts, but did go back and read their comments. Other people in the class had some great things to say or add onto one another's post which created a great discussion.
I think a forum discussion would be good to have in the future, but perhaps have them on a more contreversial or popular topic. I found it hard to talk about those articles in depth. If the class had a more "exciting" topic to discuss, I think everyone would participate and enjoy the forums a little more. I like the opportunity to discuss things in a cyber-setting with the class, I just think a different topic would impove the quality and participation of the forum. Overall, the discussion forum was an interesting and unique idea and I would not mind having one in the future, especially with the improvements I already mentioned.

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